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Base Cabinet Assembly: Updated Fall 2016

Base cabinet assembly updated Fall 2016 to show new cabinet back method

5 thoughts on “Base Cabinet Assembly: Updated Fall 2016

        1. Either will work. Over the course of time, we have migrated to the longer 1.25″. For 1/2″ sides, 1″ is fine as the brad is only there to hold things until the glue sets. But, the 1.25″ we feel works better, so long as you are careful about holding the brad gun so as to not shoot the brad at an angle, thereby coming out inside the cabinet. 1″ is more forgiving of this. We have used 1″ many times when we run out of 1.25″ and not had a problem. Our assembler has actually begun moving towards a stapler using 1.25″ staples and likes them best. So, no wrong or right, it is what you prefer to use!

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