Wall Open Shelf w/Square Top – WOS/CSWOSST



Open shelf used for end of cabinet run. Width is fixed at 6″, depths and heights can be specified. This unit has a square top, making it easier to install crown. For rounded top to match the rounded shelves, use product WOS/CSWOS.


Width: 6″ Only

Height: 12″ to 48″ in 1/16″ increments

Depth: 12.5″ to 27″ in 1/16″ increments


Unit is Reversible.

3/4″ matching specie plywood w/dowel construction.

12″– 17-15/16″ high has no shelves.

18″– 23-15/16″ high has one shelf.

24″– 35-15/16″ high has two shelves.

36″– 48″ high has three shelves. Ÿ Exposed edges are banded with matching specie veneer.

Hard Maple plywood used for both Hard and Soft Maple orders.


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