Refrigerator Tall w/Both Side Panels, Double Doors – RTB/CSRTBCS


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  • Sides come unfinished as standard but can be finished to match using one of these common options. Each is called out as facing the cabinet.

    Popular options to consider for this cabinet, making your installation and design look even better.

    Common options for the doors on this cabinet, such as glass, open shelf (no door).


Tall cabinet for refrigrator units. Double doors (center divider between). When ordering, specify the upper cabinet height needed in your cabinet to accommodate your appliance. Attach your appliance specification and a sales rep can assist you in configuring your cabinet for your refrigerator.


Width: 30″ to 48″ in 1/16″ increments

Height: 84″ to 120″ in 1/16″ increments

Depth: 24″ to 30″ in 1/16″ increments


  • Opening is 3″ less than the cabinet size ordered (1.5″ side panels are part of the overall cabinet size.
  • When placing a refrigerator against a deep wall, be mindful that a wide extended stile or filler may be required in order for your fridge doors to swing open far enough to allow full removal of vegetable bins, etc. Please plan accordingly as replacementss due to fridge doors not clearing adjacent walls, cabinets or other appliances will not be grounds for replacement. Your appliance company can assist you in this planning.


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