Letter File Slot, Large- LFS/CSLFS



Letter File Slot for holding mail, reams of paper, and desk accessories. Unit has no face frame, is made of edge banded panels held together by wooden dowels. All sides and interior are finished to match automatically. There are no options for this cabinet.

NOTE: When ordering a non-standard paint/glaze combination, this unit will NOT receive glaze and therefore may not match the rest of the project. See the finish availability matrix in the catalog or contact a sales rep to determine if your combination is standard on cabinets. In these cases, we suggest that prefinished 3/4″ banded plywood (which can be finished to match) be used to construct your own letter file slot.


Width: 33″ to 38-15/16″ in 1/16″ increments

Height: 6″ high ONLY.

Depth: 12-1/2″ deep only


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