Individual Serving Beverage Pod Drawer Inserts


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  • Available in Hard Maple, Natural Birch and Walnut.
  • All inserts are constructed using 3/8″ sides and ends, 1/4″ bottom and 5/8″ top storage panel.
  • Height is 3-1/8″. Width is fixed by design – no customization.
  • Depth on all inserts is customizable between 16″ and 22″ in 1/16″ increments.
  • When ordered with a drawer box, inserts are sized 1-5/16″ less than the exterior width and depth of the overall drawer box size.
  • Inserts can be combined with any cutlery divider design to fully utilize entire drawer width. When this treatment is desired, specify the insert design as well as the divider design.




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