Floating Shelf


Floating Shelf:

  • Available species include Cherry, Hard Maple, Paint Grade Hard Maple and Red Oak.
  • The front and sides of the shelf are made from 3/4″ solid hardwoods, mitered at the two front corners.
  • The Crown Floating Shelf includes a modified crown moulding on the front and side returns.
  • The shelf top and bottom is 3/8″ thick plywood, matching the specie of the hardwood.
  • Shelf thickness/height is 2-1/2″.
  • Shelf depth is 10″.
  • Once the Floating Shelf is fully installed, it is recommended that the shelf be secured to the support frame using headless pins or small finishing nails so the shelf cannot inadvertently slide off of the support frame.

Support Frame:

  • Manufactured using 3/4″ thick unselected hardwoods.
  • It is imperative that Floating Shelves be mounted to two or more wall studs using four or more coarse thread screws at least 2-1/2″ in length. The 60″ floating shelf should be mounted to three or more studs.
  • Maximum load capacity for the shelf and support frame is 10 lbs. per lineal foot. While Floating Shelves are built from strong, sturdy materials, the load capacity of these shelves is dependent on upon the quality of the installation screws and whether the shelves are secured into the wall studs. If not secured into two or more studs using two or more high-quality installation screws per stud, the shelf may not support the desired weight. Conestoga will not be responsible for shelf failure due to inadequate installation techniques or materials.
  • Eligible with all primers, stains, Colourtones, Prism Paints and glazes.


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