Angled End Wall Cabinet – WAE/CSWAE


  • Popular options to consider for this cabinet, making your installation and design look even better.

    How much cabinet face do you want showing above the door?

    How much cabinet face do you want showing below the door?

    Common options for the doors on this cabinet, such as glass, open shelf (no door).

    See website or downloadable catalog for deluxe mullion options


End of run angled cabinet intended to smooth the abrupt transition at the end of a run of wall cabinets. Note: Not available in custom depths, so fillers or workarounds are required when being used next to non-standard depth wall cabinets.


Width is fixed at 12.5″

Heights from 12″ to 48″ in 1/16″ increments

Depth is fixed at 12.5″


12″– 18″ high has no shelves.

Ÿ18-1/16″– 24″ high has one shelf.

Ÿ24-1/16″– 36″ high has two shelves. Ÿ

36-1/16″– 48″ high has three shelves.


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