My name is Myson… feel free to ask me about the origins of my name someday. There is a neat story behind it. I have been a part of the Cabinet Joint family since 2016. Before working for Cabinet Joint, I owned my own home improvement business. My forte was details and finish work, so Cabinet Joint has been a great fit! Beyond the product and exceptional customers, I appreciate that Cabinet Joint exists for purposes greater than itself. From serving children with clubfoot to rescuing impoverished orphans, to restoring marriages on the verge of collapse, these things bring extra meaning and value to my work. 

I live in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania with my wife, Megan, and our seven kids. I myself was raised in a large family. I have nine brothers and sisters and together we have given my parents over sixty grandkids! My wife and I love our big family, so most of my spare time is devoted to doing things with them. If I’m not having fun with my family or coaching customers, you will find me participating in endurance sports, mountain biking, telemark skiing, hiking, reading books, sipping coffee, ultimate frisbee, chess, woodworking, deep conversations, carpentry, juggling, unicycling, studying theology, speaking Spanish, strumming my classical guitar, drawing portraits, mission work, serving in my church, taking a siesta, and after that resting a while.

Reach me directly
888-211-6482 x1015