My name is Brian and I am the original owner of Cabinet Joint along with Wendy Long. We sold the business to Nick Bisaccia in January of 2023. I started Cabinet Joint in 2008 when it became apparent that the traditional ‘showroom’ based kitchen and bath buying model was shifting. Armed with a deep background in Conestoga products (I worked for them for many years in various roles), I determined to build a company that would equip the average homeowner with the knowledge, tools, and product to build incredible, custom, high-end kitchens and baths themselves – thus sidestepping the expensive showroom experience.

I am an avid outdoorsman who loves backpacking, fishing, bicycling and motorcycles. I also have a passion for working with young, fatherless men to teach them about ‘Authentic Manhood.’ Nothing lights my fire more than getting these youth into the outdoors to discover more about God, His creation and themselves!

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