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Houzz is an up and comer in the world of on line design ideas. Check it out and learn all you can about today’s kitchen design trends.

Garden Web is a user forum where DIY warriors like you go to talk to others who have gone before you. Ask experienced homeowners what they liked about their Conestoga cabinets. Ask assembly and project planning questions. And most importantly, research our company and our reputation as a Conestoga Re-seller.

A user ‘bulletin board’ of ideas that will make your mouth water as you plan your kitchen. Sign up for free as a member and enjoy the benefits of the ideas of others!

Other Products

Rockler Woodworking

Rockler Woodworking sells everything from hardware, hinges, tools, accessories and anything else you can think of that you may want to consider in your project.

Stanisci Design

Stanisci Design is the manufacturer of Conestoga’s range hoods and is a great resource for custom hoods and hood accessories. If Stanisci offers it, Conestoga is pleased to incorporate it in to your order! Please note that Stanisci does not sell directly to homeowners.


If you need something for the inside of your cabinet, Rev-A-Shelf probably sells it. Many of the storage items you see in in our interior storage section are from Rev-A-Shelf, but there is a lot more to choose from. Their web site is a great place to start and then, if you find something you like, we can make sure it will fit your new Conestoga Cabinets!