1. 1Step 1: Take Some pictures

    Take pictures of your existing room.

    Any inspiration photos that caught your eye as you have shopped? Include them too!

  2. 2Step 2: Measure


    Measure each wall receiving new cabinetry.

    Also, measure the size of any openings/obstacles such as doors/windows, etc.

  3. 3Step 3: Dream!


    What does your ideal kitchen look like?

    Lots of drawers? Glass doors? Maybe a pantry cabinet or pull out storage? Make a wish list!

  4. 4Step 4: Complete the Quick Form

    Complete Form

    A quick 5-minute form asks for basic information about your dream kitchen.

    Click the link at the bottom of the page. If anything we ask on the form is confusing, leave it blank. Don’t forget to attach pictures and room dimensions! The form allows you to include up to 10 images.

  5. 5Step 5: Sit back…while we design and quote it!

    One of our designers will create a free initial floorplan concept.

    Your sales rep will quote it for you and be in touch with the plan and price. If you wish to continue with your project at that point, you can work with your sales rep to make any changes and talk about next steps for your project!

Complete the Preliminary Design Request Form »


This complimentary service is meant to simply give you a floor plan view and some design ideas along with a quote that reflects that idea. After getting your quote, you may certainly want to keep working with the designer to refine the plan and we encourage you to do so! However, please bear in mind that this requires an initial design fee to be paid which would then be credited back to you once the full order is placed (limits apply). We have found that offering a free full design package simply leads to hours of our designer’s hard work being shopped around to the lowest bidder. We end up being a design service for others and we feel this is unfair. Since other Conestoga resellers do not even offer design services, this means they can try to undercut our price because they have no real work involved in the sale, they simply copy ours. We feel it is only fair that our free preliminary design service is limited to an initial concept plan only and further refinement of the design require a show of commitment by the customer. Feel free to contact us or inquire with your sales representative if you have any questions about our design services!