Tall Cabinets-Shallow (12.5″ D), Double Doors

Utility Cabinet Deep 2784-3696

Cabinet Description

  • 12-1/2″ Deep Utility (Pantry) cabinet with double doors
  • 84″ and 90″ have 6 shelves
  • 96″ units have a separate 4″ toe platform and 7 shelves
  • Lower opening is fixed at 56″

Available Sizes & Cabinet Codes

Cabinet sizes are part of the cabinet’s code below. Width is listed first, then height. For instance, a cabinet with a code of XYZ1230 would be 12" wide &mult; 30" high.

84″ High 90″ High 96″ High
UC2784 UC2790 UC2796
UC3084 UC3090 UC3096
UC3384 UC3390 UC3396
UC3684 UC3690 UC3696

Available Options